Submit DataRegular, Annual Data Reporting    February 20, 2018
Regular Data Reporting

Regular Data reporting uses parameter specific level 2 format templates (for terminology, see page on Advanced Data Reporting). These:
  • Contain data aggregated to hourly averages (with only few exceptions).
  • Have a property specific format.
  • Quantify atmospheric variability by stating percentiles in addition to the average value.
  • Have undergone full, manual quality assurance.
Data Quality

For most types of aerosol observations in the GAW network, the GAW Scientific Advisory Group on Aerosol (SAG aerosol) has made a list of recognised measurement and data handling procedures, including references to the scientific literature. Please also have a look at GAW report 153 (Aerosol Measurement Guidelines) and GAW report 200 (SOP for measurements of particle mass concentration, light scattering and absorption). The header of the data files contains a field specifying which of these procedures was used. A list of the procedures available for each parameter is contained in the parameter specific data file templates. Even if your observations do not yet conform to any of these procedures, we welcome your submission!

Parameter Specific File Format Templates
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